Due to personal relations between Mr. Wladimir Kacas and Mr. Karl Heinrichs Sr, Heinrichs brothers made their first visit to Kaunas in the spring of 1993. At the time, due to the pressure received from some of their clients, the company Heinrichs was intensively searching for a location in Eastern Europe to open an additional site.

Contact was quickly established with the shareholders of Priekalas, a company which at that time had only few employees and produced various simple metal parts in a small warehouse next to the current area of company HISTEEL. It was relatively quickly agreed to establish a joint venture in Kaunas. Final decision of the cooperation was made in the late summer of 1993. The first trial orders were sent to the company Priekalas in autumn the same year.

After completing all preparatory work, shareholders Rimvydas Skrinska, Vidmantas Ramoska, Alvydas Rimdeika, Vilius Plepys, Wladimir Kacas, Rudolf Brill and the company HEINRICHS finally found Lithuanian-German joint venture called HISTEEL on the 18th of March 1994. Production was initially continued in the warehouse of Priekalas. Simultaneously, work was being carried out on the completion of the already started but not yet finished construction of HISTEEL production and office premises, both of which are standing until this day.

The final transfer to the newly completed premises took place in 1995. In the following years, successive investments were made in new and used machines from Russia and Europe. Gradually, the number of shareholders was reduced to only two. To date, 94% of the shares have been and still are owned by the HEINRICHS company and 6% are still owned by the Brill family.

As the years went by, HISTEEL was continually being approved as a sub-supplier by various Western European customers from Heinrichs. In the later years HISTEEL was approved by official certifications following international standards.